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Documentum Object types Naming Convention

Posted by Ajith Prabhakar on July 1, 2008

All Out of the box Documentum object types follows the following naming convention

  • All object types that are commonly used and visible to users starts with letters dm (Example dm_document, dm_sysobject, dm_user )
  • All Object types that are dynamically cached (means changes to it is visible to applications and users) starts with letters dmc  (Example dmc_completed_workitem dmc_jar dmc_java_library )
  • All object types that read only will start with letters dmr There are only object types that starts with letters dmr they are  dmr_content and dmr_containment
  • All Object types that are internally used by Content server starts with the letters dmi (Example dmi_package, dmi_queue_item, dmi_session)

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