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Introducing Java Code Generator 1.0 A Utility to generate Java Beans from Documentum Objects

Posted by Ajith Prabhakar on September 7, 2009

Java Code Generator generates Java classes from Documentum Object types. Few bullet points about what what this utility does

  • Generates Java Classes from the Documentum Object types
  • All non-inherited Attributes will be member variables of the Generated Java Class
  • Array of the Object type for Repeated Attributes.
  • Class name by default will be capitalized name of the underlying Documentum object type
  • Option to prefix and suffix class name
  • Option to specify the Package name
  • Supports DFS Annotation

After a couple of Beta versions finally I am glad to announce the The Java code Generator. Thanks a lot for all who tried this and send the valuable feedbacks to me. I tried to incorporate most of the suggestions and fix many of the bugs in this version

 images I have added a new DFC version of this tool to the download page.

Click here to Go to Downloads page


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