Documentum Composer A boon for the Developers !!!!

 Documentum Composer Screenshot

After a long wait Documentum Composer is out. And its time to say goodbye to Application builder, Application Installer I was really excited to see the composer and believe me it was really user friendly, As expected I could see few errors happening in Error log of the Composer but its working fine. Anyways it looks like a good start. Once you download the Composer and unzip it, make sure that you go to <DocumentumComposer>\plugins\com.emc.ide.external.dfc_1.0.0\documentum.config\ add your connection broker information to it.  
I created a Aspect using it and deployed it to the Server, The UI of Composer looks pretty much intuitive and easy to use.  I am adding a screenshot of the Composer for people who where waiting to see it. I will be adding more about my composer Experience soon

6 thoughts on “Documentum Composer A boon for the Developers !!!!

  1. I must say my first experience with the Documentum Composer (very much awaited by me and my team-mates) wasn’t as much pleasant as I wanted it. At first the software seems *very* buggy – attributes names kept disappearing when I navigated away from the page, sometimes the workspace would crash for no reason…
    As one of my colleagues said – “you have to do things in the exact order they should be done. No going back for checking that “repeating” check-box anymore”. I really hope they will improve this as it will be the only tool available to create your application’s model (and it’s the only tool that works on Windows Vista).

  2. Hi Jollyca..
    I completely accept your comment, I was really excited when composer 6 was initially launched .. but that didnt last for a very long time, it corrupted my repository, Even the EMC support team couldn’t find out what was the exact issue, luckily it was my testing repository so there was not many damages. Even with the 6.5 Composer I was getting lots of issues and now i am using Application builder SP 6.5, Even EMC Support suggested me to use this, I really hope to see a bug free composer soon

  3. Hello Ajith,

    I wanted to install and learn Composer but want to know do I have to have a repository connection to try it?


  4. Hi Usha, You Composer is a eclipse based GUI and you dont need Repository connection to try it out. You cannot obviously test the DAR that you created without a repository, but you can play around with it. Take the latest version from EMC site .. All the best ..

    Beware Composer is not bug free

  5. Thanks for your reply Ajith,
    Is it possible to use any other IDE like IntelliJ for Composer? Can we install DAR in 5.3 content server repository?


  6. Hi Usha,
    Since composer is a eclipse pluggin, you can use composer with any eclipse based IDE, We are currently using Composer with Rational Application Developer as a pluggin,

    Well I don’t think you can deploy a DAR on a 5.3x repository. I am not really sure though …

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