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Java Code Generator (JCG)

Java Code Generator is a command line tool that can be used to generate Java Beans from Documentum Object types; This tool retrieves Object information from Documentum Repository and generate java classes for that object type adding of its custom attributes as member variables and adds getter and setter methods.

Few bullet points about what  this utility does

  • Generates Java Classes from the Documentum Object types
  • All non-inherited Attributes will be member variables of the Generated Java Class
  • Array of the Object type for Repeated Attributes.
  • Class name by default will be capitalized name of the underlying Documentum object type
  • Option to prefix and suffix class name
  • Option to specify the Package name
  • Supports DFS Annotation

After a couple of Beta versions finally I am glad to announce the The Java code Generator. Thanks a lot for all who tried this and send the valuable feedbacks to me. I tried to incorporate most of the suggestions and fix many of the bugs in this version.

Click here to download Java Code Generator DFS Version (Usage instructions included)(zip)

Click here to Download Java Code Generator DFC Version (Usage instructions included)(zip)

Click here to read more about JCG

JarSearch JarSearch

Tired of ClassNotFoundException?  Wanted to locate Jar with the class you are looking for? Or Wanted to search for a file in the archives like Zip, Jar etc? You are on the right place, Download JarSearch and Find your Jar within seconds. Its quick and easy

About JarSearch
This small utility can be used to search for a specific file from Zip files and Jar Files. A typical scenario where you can use Jar Search is you wanted to locate a jar file which has a specific class file. Most of the time searches will not search inside the archives. This utility can find the archive where the specified files are and display it in the console.

  • Searches the archives located including in the subfolders in the specified folders
  • Lists the results with Name, Location, and Archive names.
  • Simple to use Syntax


Click here to download JarSearch (Zip)

All Downloadable Study Notes  New Sign

Click here to download all the Downloadable study notes as a Single Zip file (2 Mb).

If you face any problems in Downloading this flie, Right Click here and use option Save Target As ..

This Zip has the following

  1. Documentum Security Notes
  2. Notes on Registered Tables
  3. Notes on Virtual Documents
  4. Notes on Object Relations
  5. Object Types involved in WorkFlow
  6. Few Important Object Types in Documentum
  7. Notes on Non Qualifiable properties and Property Bag
  8. Difference between Super User and Sysadmin
  9. Immutable Objects
  10. Data Dictionary in Documentum
  11. SBO’s in Documentum

You need Adobe Reader ® to read these notes.

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